Discover How To Manifest Faster and Be Inspired To Live Your Highest Purpose

here are “four manifesting secrets” that you can use to unleash your hidden power and realize your deepest dreams faster.

A lot of people talk about using the Law of Attraction to manifest goals, but that’s just a part of the big picture and incomplete.  The “four manifesting secrets” allow you to see the complete picture and EMPOWER you to realize what you deeply long for.  You absolutely can ---no matter any negative experiences you’ve had-- discover how to use your “inner power” to greatly improve your life.  Which means you can...

♦ Master your “enemy thoughts” (e.g., fears, doubts, self pity…) and empower yourself at the core, at the spiritual level.

♦ Grow your “inner power” to reach your goals with greater ease and peace of mind…

♦ Make wiser decisions that will save you money, time, disappointments…

♦ Access your higher mind that wants to help you in infinite ways… You have hidden mind powers that you can use to get the results you deeply want  … and experience the magic of life!

If you haven’t been able to get the results you deeply want in your life as of today, it’s because you haven’t discovered how powerful you really are.

It’s not your fault.  We are not taught about our inner power in school or in society period.  But THAT CAN CHANGE TODAY.

You are here–living at this point in time–for a purpose… 

You are meant to discover your power—your God-given power.

How can your inner power change your life?  

It will help save you from making foolish decisions that can cost you time. money and peace of mind, and help protect your total well being.  When you discover your hidden power, you’ll feel a surge in optimism, have greater peace of mind, feel connected to a force greater than you, and… above all…HAVE MORE FAITH IN YOURSELF! 

These “four manifesting secrets” transformed my life and can alter the direction of your life for the better too…

My name is Mary Rivas.  Years ago, I worked as a vice president of a very successful investment company. I had worked hard to get where I was, and I was making pretty good money. But, over time I started to feel empty… I knew that there had to be more to life than the long hours at the job, a hectic life and three weeks of vacation a year. Things really did not feel right. I felt tired physically and emotionally. I was definitely in a rut.

I wanted to totally transform my life and experience a whole different lifestyle. For starters, I wanted to resign from my corporate job, have my own business doing what I loved, and be in a romantic relationship. I wanted big changes but I didn’t know how to make the leap!  Time was passing, and I was still in the same place.

As time passed, things got so bad that I became pretty depressed. So many mornings it took all of my energy to just get out of bed. I used to wake up tired after sleeping all night. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and I became a recluse. After work and on week ends, I locked myself up in my apartment and spent all my time alone reading personal growth and spiritual books.  I reviewed all my notes from years of past shamanic workshops and retreats.  I rewrote my life goals and started journaling all my insights.

I was on a mission to figure out why I wasn’t manifesting my deepest dreams despite all my efforts. A little voice kept telling me I would discover what was missing.   And, I was relentless!

Perhaps you never felt as I did, but if you can connect with anything I went thru, you know how awful that can feel.

One early morning before sunrise, I deeply contemplated my plight with a sense of peace of mind.  Once again, I reviewed all my old journals where I had written notes and insights about manifesting.  I reflected deeply on what I had learned from shamans and other wisdom teachers about changing reality.  As I was deep in thought revisiting everything that I could recollect about mind powers and ancient wisdom, it hit me. All of a sudden it became clear to me what I had been missing.

I had a revelation that changed the direction of my life.

I realized that though I had acquired tons of knowledge about manifesting, I hadn’t used my mind powers, and I had underestimated what ancient wisdom had taught me about energy. I had been mechanical in using the powerful knowledge that I had acquired.  I had been going thru the motions like a robot, rather than using my inner power.

That morning, I made a decision to take action toward my deepest goals AND to do so with awareness—using the insights I had had in my revelation.

Within about half a year, my life transformed completely—and almost all at once. I resigned from my position in Los Angeles, met my beloved partner, moved out of the city, went to live on an island and started my first business—doing what I loved.  Since then, many new paths have opened up that have been even MORE amazing.

Though I have a degree in psychology and have learned a lot about the mind from years of academic research… I discovered that ancient wisdom, specifically shamanism, holds the most powerful knowledge about mind powers.  It teaches that we live in a web of energy and everything is interconnected.

AND to manifest and change our reality, we have to have enough energy—inner power. 

Now, I am not saying that I don’t have obstacles or challenges in my life.  Those are part of life.  However, I have discovered that with sufficient inner power, we can manage life’s challenges much more effectively and with far less stress.

Why have I shared my story with you? 

To help you have faith in yourself.  To help you realize that YOU TOO have that power deep within you… AND you too can change your life for the better…  YOU can realize your life’s inspired visions and more.

My purpose is to help you create the changes in your life that you deeply long for.

That’s why I created The Warrior Spirit –How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More!” 

Everything happens for a reason…

I believe I went through many years of painful experiences for a purpose.  I can now help you discover the secrets that I uncovered but IN LESS TIME AND WITH LESS STRESS!

I have helped hundreds of people worldwide.  I don’t have all the answers but I can absolutely help you to become more empowered….I can help you to discover your Warrior Spirit and that will help you in infinite ways!

Even though The Warrior Spirit was created to help you successfully materialize financial goals, you can use the same practices and “know how” to gain mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits as well.


How Can The Warrior Spirit Help You?


In this short, right-to-the point, no-fluff training, you'll discover....

    • Insights about why you push wealth away and what to do to transform your relationship with wealth.
    • How to position your goals—financial or otherwise—beyond your sub-conscious to speed up getting desired results. Before I learned this, all the manifesting techniques I tried didn’t work.
    • Guidance and tips for protecting yourself against heavy emotions and negativity that drain your energy.
    • How to use the Law of Attraction and ancient mind secrets to realize your inspired dreams. (This is not shared by the popular self-help experts),
    • One thing you can do while you walk that will help you release heavy emotions and help you get what you deeply desire.
    • Five steps to energize your goals and materialize with greater speed and ease.
    • A powerful shamanic practice to release negative thoughts and memories.
    • How to use the power of words to change your life and draw unexpected sources of help.
    • An important key you need to know before you start the process of manifesting. This wisdom can save you headaches, disappointment and wasted time!
    • How to use your Warrior Spirit to live your life with personal power and greater happiness.
    • The one thing you’ll want to do as soon as you wake up. The mere act of doing this will empower you and you’ll be astounded at how your day flows.
    • How to strengthen your spiritual connection and improve your total well being.

    What Can You Expect From The Warrior Spirit?

    Part 1. Change Your Reality Now prepares you internally for creating a different reality. In this section, you learn about energy and how “enemy thoughts” limit your success and how heavy emotions drain your power and keep you stuck—financially and otherwise.  You discover creative ways to get what you want by opening up your mind to new possibilities.  This section lays the groundwork for eliminating that which weakens you and for increasing your personal power.

    Part 2. Discover Your Warrior Spirit reveals ancient shamanic secrets about mind powers and how your mind really works.  In this part, you discover the hidden powers that exist beyond your sub-conscious mind and how you can use them to break free from self-imposed boundaries that limit you.  You become aware of personal demons– “enemy thoughts” that you did not know you had.  You will learn how to transform these inner demons and become free to perceive possibilities that you never imagined.

    Part 3. Access Your Hidden Mind Powers In 5 Ways explains the power of quieting your daily mind in order to unleash your higher mind powers.  I share practices, steps and tips for tapping mind powers to grow your natural, intuitive abilities, gain life-changing insights, boost creative solutions and release negative emotions that drain your energy.  You discover how nature can help you achieve life-transforming goals and spiritual growth.  You find out how to use the power of words to change your reality.

    Part 4. Let Go Of What’s Holding You Back shows you how to stop “energy leaks” and how to release negative thinking and harmful memories that hold you back. You won’t be able to move forward very far, if you keep repeating old patterns that keep you stuck in the past.  As you clear what drains you, you’ll boost your energy and be empowered to accomplish far more in your life.  You absolutely need plenty of energy to create!

    Part 5. Manifest Inspired Goals Faster Using 4 Steps reveals manifesting secrets to help you realize your deepest goals sooner, including a powerful technique to help you use your Higher Mind to transform ideas into physical reality.  This section will also help you have clarity about your life goals.  Do you know what you really want and why?   What does wealth mean to you?  This section will help you get answers to important questions that people often overlook when they try to manifest!

    Part 6. Keep Growing Your Power On the Warrior Spirit Path gives you empowering tips and shares more wisdom to help you to keep growing your inner power!  This section provides guidance on how to avoid negativity in your day-to-day life.  You can achieve more than goals themselves… you can become the spiritual warrior and discover how you have the power to change your life and make a difference in the world.

    Here's More Good News!


    Though I have been advised to sell the The Warrior Spirit audio program and bonus gifts at three times the current price, I have decided to offer the full program at a lower price to reach more people.

    I know I can sell the complete audio program The Warrior Spirit – How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More for a much higher prices.  But I am now offering the six session audio program at a huge discount!

    I am not sure how long I will offer this discount... so if this interest you, take action.  Take action with a click of a button while you have this letter in front of you.  Otherwise, you’ll put it off and you”ll never know the “four manifesting secrets” and how truly powerful you are.

    You can start The Warrior Spirit program immediately because you’ll receive electronic files (MP3 and PDFs) to download the audios and e-books with a click of a button.

    There’s another benefit of using technology to share this powerful knowledge.  Did you know that research shows that a large percentage– 85%- of our learning actually comes from listening?

    Audio books are not just convenient, they improve comprehension of new material.  When you read new material AND listen to it, you add another layer of reinforcement to get things at a deeper level!  Personally, “books on tape” transformed my life and that’s why I created the audio program.

    Start Today With A Click Of A Button!

    Order the 6-session audio program today and get 4 bonuses with your purchase!

    BONUS #1.  The Warrior Spirit companion e-book reinforces everything that you will learn in the audio program.  It is a transcript of the audio and includes …

    ♦ A "Resources" section with links to help take your new knowledge and skills to the next level.

    ♦ Several  illustrations such as how deeper mind states can help you manifest more easily.  The visuals will help you understand important concepts at a deeper level.

    Examples to reinforce key points and help you apply them to your personal situation.

    ♦ Right to the point–without the filler–content. I’ve simplified powerful knowledge from tons of books and years of training and distilled it into 98 pages.

    BONUS #2.  The Warrior Spirit Workbook includes practical steps and powerful practices to help reinforce key knowledge that you learn in each section.  The practices will help you achieve breakthroughs such as… discover hidden enemy thoughts that limit your financial and personal success, become aware of limiting wealth beliefs and how to transform them, how to release negative memories and self-defeating habits that keep you stuck.

    BONUS #3.  A classic ebook on the science of attracting riches into your life.  It is short but powerful.  Many well-known successful entrepreneurs have sworn by this e-book.  It will help to further  increase your optimism and help you have the proper mindset for creating success–financial and otherwise–in your life.

    BONUS #4.  You’ll discover a little known secret formula for creating prosperity that 95% of people have not discovered! I’m not talking about tithing or any of the principles that are taught in The Warrior Spirit or in the other bonus gift. This practice stands apart. When you combine what you discover in The Warrior Spirit with this powerful formula, you magnify your capacity to create and receive prosperity! 

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    What People Are Saying

    “The Warrior Spirit not only tells Mary’s personal story but carefully lays out the path to create your own transformation. What are your life’s desires and how do you find and create them? Written and told from the heart, it touched me deeply. I have read the companion e-book three times and will read it many more. The workbook is a great adjunct giving much information and guidance to help you on this journey. Do the exercises and answer the questions you will be amazed at what you discover about yourself and where it leads you!” C. Szabo, Texas

    “It’s an eye opener. It teaches you to access the most valuable resource: your own personal power and inner knowledge. Everything you need is already there within yourself and this knowledge gives you the key teaching you to use the power of thought and the real law of attraction to create the life you have always dreamed of. It offers a wealth of different resources and interesting insights into shamanic wisdom. So much more than just another guide to happiness and wealth! Thanks again for all this interesting material, it’s so helpful and fascinating! ” Lynn Eide

    “I really like the section on five ways to access your higher mind; I like the fact that there is a lot of information to help one access deeper mind states. All-in-all it is AMAZING.” A. Fifer.

    “The Warrior Spirit is clearly explained with examples given, particularly Mary’s personal experiences. It gives credence to the gems of information. She provides great support for her readers too.  It’s been a big reminder for me to choose connection with spirit and positivity in every moment.  The strong message, for me, was to connect with our source  It helped me let go of a problem I had with someone for a few years… I know now that I have more positive things to create now.”  L. Goldsworthy

    “It challenged my imagination to do big things--most of all, it made my mind search deep and solutions started flowing, I became sober in order to reflect on very important issues of my life. Very powerful indeed.  -Tony O.

    Beyond Positive Thinking…Affirmations…

    and What Popular Self-Help Gurus Teach.

    Movies and books can be great at waking us up about the potential that we have within us. Movies like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know talk about the amazing powers of the mind. Yet, they never explain specifically what you need to do to change your life and transform your thoughts, dreams into reality.

    There is far more to manifesting than just imagining what you desire or positive thinking or saying affirmations. What you will discover will empower you at the deepest level.

    In The Warrior Spirit, you’ll discover how ancient mind power secrets AND powerful wisdom, will help you improve your life in a big way.   Much of what I share in The Warrior Spirit is not taught by popular self-help teachers..


    Your mind plays tricks on you. It will try to stop you from taking action. It will try to convince you that you don’t need to create change because it’s comfortable where you are now—even if you aren’t happy or satisfied with your life.

    You might be asking “What if this doesn’t help me?”  

    Anyone can learn how to build and use their inner power.  It’s a sacred gift that we are meant to use.  Your inner power will help you in infinite ways…. not just in helping you to achieve personal goals!  We all have this force within us that wants to guide us… that wants to help us achieve our greatest potential.  When you pour yourself into what is revealed, you will absolutely benefit from tapping your inner power.

    Or you might be saying to yourself that you are too busy and that you don’t have time right now …

    Be aware about the “demon of procrastination” because it will always try to get you to procrastinate.  There is nothing more important than to fix your spirit and experience your full potential.  When you take time to work on yourself TODAY, that will save you time, money and disappointments…  in the future.  You need to make time for yourself  because in the end nobody will transform your life but YOU.

    “Is this going to be hard to do?”

    You will need to take action to get the results you want.  When you take empowered action, you will make things easier on yourself.  The Warrior Spirit offers practical steps that you can easily do. Do not be afraid of working for what you want.  You will always have that force within you to guide you in infinite ways.

    If you want positive changes in your life, start today to take action and download your copy of The Warrior Spirit audio program and bonus gifts.

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    You have nothing to lose.  If you’re not satisfied with The Warrior Spirit audio program, just send me an e-mail requesting a refund within 60 days, and you will get a full refund.  There’s no reason to not let The Warrior Spirit be the new beginning that you’ve been searching for.

    Be sure to watch out for my e-mails that I will send you (at the e-mail address you use at the time of purchase).  From time to time, I send e-mails to my readers to keep in touch.

    I look forward to hearing about your Warrior Spirit experiences!

    To living your vision,

    Mary Rivas,

    Founder, Author or

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