What is The Warrior Spirit? 

The Warrior Spirit--How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More is an audio program with companion e-book and Workbook that teaches how to conquer personal demons that keep us from success and realizing our life's vision.

It empowers us at the deepest level to help us discover our Warrior Spirit--that  force within us that guides us to live our life's dreams with purpose and wisdom.

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How Can the Warrior Spirit Help You?

The Warrior Spirit guides you with steps you can take to achieve inspired goals faster and empower yourself at the core, at the spiritual level.

Eliminate negative thinking that can block financial success.

 Boost your level of optimism and faith in yourself.

♦ Access your hidden mind powers in 5 ways.

 Greater insights about creative ways to achieve financial and personal goals.

♦  Feel a stronger spiritual connection and more empowered, enthusiastic about your goals.

♦ Discover 4 steps to manifest goals faster

♦ Find out how to release heavy energy that can be keeping you stuck!

Find out how to create financial goals that are aligned with your purpose (many people fool themselves and pursue goals that are not for their highest good).

What’s Inside The Warrior Spirit Program?

♦ Audio book (in MP3 format).

♦ Companion e-book-- 98 pages, six parts to reinforces knowledge provided in audio book.

♦ Money questionnaire to help you identify hidden negative money beliefs.

♦ Practices to eliminate self-defeating money habits.

♦ Illustration of how the manifesting process works.

♦ 5 practices to access higher mind powers.

 4 ways to energize goals and help them manifest sooner.

♦ Tips for making wiser and more powerful decisions.

♦ 2 techniques for releasing old patterns and memories that keep you stuck.

♦ Practices to empower your words and goals.

♦ Workbook to help you apply the powerful knowledge in your daily life.

♦ A "Resources" section with links for financial and spiritual resources.

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What People Are Saying About The Warrior Spirit…

Below are just some of the comments I’ve received from Warrior Spirit customers. I thank all of you for taking time to write me about your experiences  and for your permissions to have your comments published about The Warrior Spirit–How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More! !

“The Warrior Spirit not only tells Mary’s personal story but carefully lays out the path to create your own transformation. What are your life’s desires and how do you find and create them? Written  and told from the heart, it touched me deeply. I have read the companion e-book three times and will read it many more. The workbook is a great adjunct giving much information and guidance to help you on this journey. Do the exercises and answer the questions you will be amazed at what you discover about yourself and where it leads you!” C. Szabo, Texas

“Very thought-provoking. Mary has a real aptitude for taking complex ideas and making them understandable. An interesting alternative way to think about achieving success and a meaningful life.”  J Cohen, Los Angeles.

“It’s an eye opener. It teaches you to access the most valuable resource: your own personal power and inner knowledge. Everything you need is already there within yourself and this knowledge gives you the key teaching you to use the power of thought and the real law of attraction to create the life you have always dreamed of. It offers a wealth of different resources and interesting insights into shamanic wisdom. So much more than just another guide to happiness and wealth! Thanks again for all this interesting material, it’s so helpful and fascinating! ” Lynn Eide

“I really like the section on five ways to access your higher mind; I like the fact that there is a lot of information to help one access deeper mind states. All-in-all it is AMAZING.” A. Fifer.

“It is very well explained. I most definitely would recommend it to a friend, because it offers a totally fresh and different look at things. ”  Sergio Poloni

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To wealth & wisdom!

Mary Rivas