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If you want to discover how you could attract more prosperity and feel free of heavy emotions that may be blocking your financial success, then this 4 day e-course may be the exact gift you need at this point in your life!

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 The Warrior Spirit Complete Course 

Discover what you could easily do to feel empowered and manifest your financial goals sooner.*  The Warrior Spirit audio program helps to strengthen you at your spiritual core and increases your optimism as you discover just how powerful you really are.  You discover… 5 ways to use your subconscious mind powers to help you attract what you deeply long for.  4 ways to empower your goals to help them happen faster.  And, 2 powerful techniques to help you release money blockages and increase your energy for manifesting.   *Results may vary.  


Mary Rivas is the creator of The Warrior Spirit: How To Use Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More. Prior to starting her online businesses, Mary worked in the investment management industry for over 15 years. During this time, she also studied ancient spiritual teachings to continue learning about mind powers.

Though she has a degree in psychology, she discovered that ancient wisdom holds the most powerful knowledge about sub-conscious mind powers. Today she integrates her passion about empowerment and alternative finance to help people live more fulfilling lives.

“No matter how much investment knowledge one has, if one isn’t prepared for wealth on the inside, all the money-making know-how will have limited benefits!” –Mary Rivas