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 The Warrior Spirit Audio Course 

The Warrior Spirit  reveals how you can grow your inner power to achieve your goals with greater ease and wisdom. It exposes how self-limiting beliefs control us and how to replace self-defeating habits with new ways of being that truly empower us –at the core.

While The Warrior Spirit was created to help you achieve financial and personal goals, it serves a higher purpose.  Ultimately, it helps you to discover your Warrior Spirit –that force within that is always there to guide you. ”

Mary Rivas


Mary Rivas is the founder of and the author of The Warrior Spirit: How To Use Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More. Mary dedicates her life to helping people discover their true power and experience life-changing breakthroughs.

“Though I have a degree in psychology, I discovered that ancient wisdom, particularly shamanism, holds the most powerful knowledge about mind powers.” Mary’s books, newsletters and products have inspired thousands of people worldwide.

She teaches that we are here to discover how truly powerful we really are and to live our highest visions with wisdom and love for ourselves and the world.

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